NYC Traveler in Europe: Andiamo in Italia!

March 24, 2021

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5 Things To Consider Before Visiting Italy


Amalfi Coast, Italy


Punta Carena, Capri, Italy

1. What Region?

If you can stay for at least a month, then by all means, plan to visit the entire country on a non-stop tour. But if you can only stay a few days or a week, then limit your visit to one region. You will be able to actually enjoy it without feeling rushed. Try the Amalfi Coast; Florence and the surrounding Tuscany region or Milan and the nearby Lake Como area. Of course, there's always Rome (with a day trip to Naples) or Venice!

2. How to Get There?

The answer seems like a no brainer until you realize that even if you are coming from overseas, you have a couple of options: you can fly or you can sail on a cruise. If you are already on the continent, fly, take the train or rent a car and drive. Driving internationally should be investigated first but imagine, a road trip in Europe! There are also cruises within Europe.

3. Where to Stay?

There are so many options nowadays: hotels, apartment rentals, vacation rentals through owners or your own vacation ownership (timeshare). Use a map website and figure out how close you will be to public transportation and attractions. Use reviews wisely: some people often will give a negative review for a minor reason. Also, check the date of a review. Our choice: an apartment rental near public transportation.

4. What to Do?

Each region in Italy is known for more than art, wine and food although those good places to start. There are ancient ruins, mansions and castles, gardens, zoos as well as museums, wineries. There are also small, charming towns to explore as well as plazas and tiny streets filled with great people.

5. Traveling with Kids

Italy is very kid friendly. In nice weather, the plazas are full of street fairs, entertainers and all the gelato you can afford. Florence (Firenze, in Italian) has a marvelous Leonardo da Vinci Museum with full sized models of his inventions that you can play with. In Venice, what could be more fun than exploring all of the back streets mixed in with canals? 




Trevi Fountain, Rome

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