NYC Traveler in NYC: Governors Island

March 24, 2021

Top 10 Things To Do On 

Governors Island, NYC 

(a USA National Park)

More to Do


Note: Currently, you must have a timed ticket to ride the ferry

Governors Island seems like a well-kept secret known only by locals New Yorkers who live in Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn. Every summer, the ferries start again and the island opens up for fun and relaxation. 



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How to Get There:
There are two ways to get on the island: Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan, 10 South Street between Broad and Whitehall (1 train to South Ferry, 4 or 5 to Bowling Green, R to Whitehall St. or M9, M15 bus) and from Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway and Atlantic Avenue (2, 3, 4, 5 trains to Borough Hall, R train to Court Street or the B63 bus. 


There's a small fee for the ferry and bikes will cost a tiny bit extra (worth it). Before you go off and have fun, immediately check the timetable for the ferry back. Although you may want to stay until the end, know that the lines can get longer the later you stay. 
You'll land at Soissons Landing (what is a Soissons?), Pier 102 or Yankee Pier (from Brooklyn).

Stuff to Know:
Once there, you can opt to walk, bicycle or jog the loop of the island and see the sights. The one main road will take you all around and there are paths that cut across to other sections. 

There's been many upgrades in the last few years and some construction is still on-going. 


What to Do:

1. Get Some Wheels or Bring Your Own...



2. Peek into the at Fort Jay:

Castle Williams: 


Nolan Park: 

 Colonels Row:


3. Take a Hike...Up the Hills:


4. See Some Art: local artists showcase their work in the historic buildings in Nolan Park or Colonels Row.



5. Take a Snooze...There's actually a Hammock Grove.



Buy a folding blanket here


6. Grab a Snack: there are food trucks on Liggett Terrace and ice cream and other vendors throughout the island.



7. See a Lighthouse. Well, really a light station.


8. Enjoy the skylines of Manhattan and Brooklyn:


9. Check out the events: concerts, festivals, etc.



Check the website for the latest info.

10. Integrate into the Environment... 


For more info: Governors Island The map.

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