NYC Traveler in the USA: Assateague Park, Ocean City, MD

March 24, 2021

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Assateague Park and Ocean City, Maryland 
1. Although this is a national seashore, there is a fee to enter per vehicle but you can purchase an annual pass.
2. If you're biking, beware of horses, deer and other animals and the droppings they leave behind. It can be an obstacle course. Be careful about the beach. The horses were in the parking lot and near the concession stand. If you want to sit on the beach, the animals have free rein (including leaving their droppings).

The wild horses are just that.
3. There are warnings every where about approaching the animals and feeding them. They are wild, descendants of domesticated horses probably from the 1700's. Take the warnings seriously. In addition to your medical bill, you'll also get fined! 
A shy resident deer in Assateague Park
4. Horses can been seen by entering from either Maryland or Virginia (Chincoteague, a privately owned fenced in area). Assateague in Maryland fills up quickly during summer weekends. 
Despite the crowds, you can find an isolated spot in the area


Assateague Island

Ocean City...

is a colorful, noisy and crowded conglomeration of food one should never have regularly (but can't be resisted) and amusements from a bygone era. 


1. There are amusement park rides that only exist now in state fairs rather than theme parks and old-school game rooms (play lands). This is a boardwalk on steroids. It's a step back in time and if you haven't been for a while, you'll feel immediately transported to a bygone era. 

2. The amusement park areas are not all owned by the same people, so tickets are not transferable. You'll have to pay to park your car if you are not staying on the boardwalk. Make sure you have some money (some businesses are cash only), get an ice cream cone and stroll along the boardwalk. Enjoy!

3. Stop by the Bayside Skillet on the way out.
Happy Travels!

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