NYC Traveler in the USA: Cliff Walk, Newport, Rhode Island

March 24, 2021

The NYC Traveler in Rhode Island:

Stroll, Hike or Both? Your Choice

on Cliff Walk, Newport, Rhode Island
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It's billed in all of the tourist brochures as one of the top attractions in Newport. And after hiking the trail, it's easy to see why. But of course, Newport has much more to offer than a cliff! So, here are the top ten things to know before you go:
1. The trail 3.5 miles (5.6 km) long (if you choose to do the whole thing).

2. The trail starts and ends near two beaches: Easton, at Eustis Avenue and Memorial Boulevard; and Bailey's, Bellevue and Ocean Avenues.
Easton Beach
3. It is strongly urged to wear real walking shoes if you plan to hike the entire trail. Anything else would be extremely dangerous. Also, there is one rest room area along the trail. Bring water. It is a carry in, carry out park.
Scan the QR codes along the way for a self-guided tour.
4. Much of the trail has guard rails but there are a few spots where the edge drops off dramatically, sometimes with a bush blocking the spot.

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5. At Narrangasett Avenue, are the 40 steps. You can count them if you want, but there are 40! That's 80 round trip. Good photo spot. Also, good exercise!
6. The pavement portion begins at the Easton Beach area. It ends more or less at the Marine Avenue access point (Belmont Beach), roughly 2 miles. You will see beautiful views of nature and the mansions, including the Breakers, so if you ending your walk here, you will have seen a nice part. Keep this in mind if you're jogging the trail.
Salve Regina University
7. After this point, the trail alters between pavement, rocks and loose gravel until the end, another beach. There are at least 3 access points in the popular spots and one in the middle of the rocky area (Ledge Road). 

8. In addition to the rough terrain, beware that you will look down at the ocean (very scenic) but you might think it is high.

9. There are museums in mansions, a university and private residences long the way. You are literally hiking a public trail through private land. At least one house has a "no photo sign" posted. 
The Breakers
10. To get back to town, you could hike down Bellevue Avenue when you reach Bailey's Beach and see the front of all those mansions you passed by or take the trolley back to the center of town. 
PS: we left out some of the sights out on purpose so that you can be surprised! 
For more information, visit their website: Cliff Walk
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