NYC Traveler Tip: Intro to Cuba, Part 1

March 24, 2021
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What to Consider to Visit Cuba:
Part 1

This information is intended for travelers who are US citizens.
Currently, cruises are suspended from sailing to Cuba from USA ports.




For the absolute latest information, always visit the US State Department website.

Currently, citizens of the United States are able to travel to Cuba directly from the USA. Most citizens who travel by airplane are traveling with organized groups or excursions. If you are a Cuban born USA citizen, you must read the information on the US State Department website before planning a trip to Cuba.

You must travel under one of 12 license categories: see these categories under the Entry Requirements paragraph:


1. Technically, an American citizen cannot travel to Cuba for vacation purposes. Current policies say that you should have a full itinerary that you can document. However, this itinerary can be created on your own. You do not have to use a professional company, you just have to book experiences that are considered valid and hold onto the proof for a certain amount of years. Certain tour packages are considered illegal, so be aware of purchasing packages from agencies and tour companies.

2. Your credit and debit cards will not work. Bring cash with you. If you travel on a cruise, you will be able to exchange as soon as you disembark, right there in the terminal. Use the same cautions you use in any travel situation: carry only what you need, carry your passport, keep everything on your person and do not allow anyone to carry your bag.


3. Traveling by cruise is one of the easiest ways to see Cuba, but are unavailable currently from the United States. Check the US Department of State website for current regulations.

4.  The people were awesome and friendly. Of course, tourists spending money are always welcome and of course vendors want your business, but chatting with the locals was one of the best aspects of visiting.


5. Don't take photos of military or police personnel and locations. Period.

6. Beware of travel agents who do not know the most accurate information. This is one trip that you should research about yourself in addition to using a travel consultant.
Happy Travels!

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