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This information is gathered from various sources, including the websites of the events and organizations themselves.  Links are provided for you to confirm the very latest information. MC Enterprises assumes no responsibility for incorrect information, broken links or cancelled events. 

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Welcome Back to NYC

New York City is open for business and can't wait to welcome residents and visitors alike to enjoy its delights. Click the link above and scroll down to see what is open, what are the details and other information regarding NYC

Travel Information for New York State

As always, consult directly with the state's or country's website for the latest information, which is literally changing daily.

Travelers are getting cabin fever and are anxious to get on the road or in the air again. However, US travelers should always check out the CDC website for information.

If you are traveling within the USA, the CDC website makes it easy for you to plan: Travel Planner. The link for the state will pop up when you enter your destination.

USA domestic travelers, residents and visitors alike, have new guidelines when entering New York State. International travelers must continue to follow CDC guidelines.

NYS Travel Form

Other big news: Events, arts, and entertainment venues are reopening. 

Harlem River Valley
Hiking or Cycling: Three main trails will allow you to go from New York City to Buffalo (hiking or bicycling): the Hudson Valley Greenway Trail; the Champlain Valley Trail and the Erie Canalway Trail. The Empire State Trail is now complete, but focuses on getting upstate from the City of New York. What if you're coming from Long Island on foot or by bicycle?
My perspective: If you are coming from Long Island, Routes 25 (Jericho Turnpike/Jamaica Avenue), 25A (Northern Boulevard), 25B (Hillside Avenue and 27 (Sunrise Highway/Conduit Boulevard) will get you into the City of New York (Queens or Brooklyn) and you can pick up a city trail from there. Get a free NYC Bike Map at any NYC bicycle shop. From the Bronx, you can get to the upstate area and make your way to Albany and Buffalo. Happy riding/hiking!
The High Line: There's no ticket needed Monday-Friday but you will need to schedule a time to walk the elevated park on Saturdays and Sundays. Word has it that you can practically schedule your slot while you're standing at the entrance, so demand is not high (especially in winter).
The High Line
View our YouTube videos about the High Line on our channel:
Swimming: NYC Outdoor Pools.

The Zoos:  New York's Wildlife Conservation Society operates the Bronx Zoo, the Central Park Zoo, the Queens Zoo, the Prospect Park Zoo and the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn. 

Museums: Feed your art fix. Museums are not just for gazing at art. There are events, limited time exhibits and just peaceful places to regroup. Check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Modern Museum of Art, the Museum of the City of New York, the Brooklyn Museum, the Whitney Museum, the Queens Museum, the American Museum of Natural History International Center of Photography, Historic Richmond Town, Staten Island

The Gardens: Brooklyn Botanic GardenNew York Botanical Garden and the Queens Botanical Garden

* Support local vendors at a greenmarket. 


Check your local weather forecast before venturing out or making plans

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